Job Vacancy Advertising Strategist PETA

Job title: Advertising Strategist

Company: PETA

Job description: To coordinate and guide other staff in coordinating the placement of high impact, thought-provoking advertising via various mediums using knowledge gained by staying on top of current trends in advertising and strategizing based on target audience, location, cost, UVM, and more

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Stay abreast of current advertising trends by attending classes, seminars, conferences, etc. and by reading industry newsletters and other publications daily
  • Advise Media Buyers on the best strategy for every project based on current trends in advertising, target audience, location, cost, UVM, and more to ensure the best option is suggested for each project
  • Help determine the impact of various advertising options and campaigns, and guide staff in making recommendations based on these determinations
  • Generate ideas to improve procedures and strategies for securing impactful, timely ad placements
  • Manage advertising placement and reporting projects from initiation to completion
  • Establish and maintain relationships with sales representatives and negotiate and guide staff in negotiating reduced-rate or free placements
  • Create and maintain detailed records of projects
  • Perform any other duties assigned by supervisors


  • Degree in a related field or equivalent experience working in a professional environment
  • Two years of marketing or advertising experience, and demonstrated knowledge of the advertising industry
  • Proven ability to negotiate pricing with advertising representatives
  • Excellent project-management, organizational, strategic-thinking, and analytical skills
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills and attention to detail
  • Capability to make connections and maintain relationships with a variety of people in a professional manner
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, meet and set deadlines, and stay organized under pressure
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and follow-through, and to cultivate and maintain professional relationships
  • Proven ability to make sound judgments and work independently and as part of a team
  • Demonstrated knowledge of animal rights issues and PETA campaigns
  • Support for PETA’s philosophy and the ability to professionally advocate PETA’s positions on issues
  • This position requires proof of the COVID-19 full vaccination and booster

Expected salary:

Location: Colorado

Job date: Wed, 18 May 2022 04:23:00 GMT

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