Job Vacancy Building Inspector I, II, III Humboldt County, Nevada

Job title: Building Inspector I, II, III

Company: Humboldt County, Nevada

Job description: Description

This recruitment also includes duties related to code enforcement.

Under direction of the Building Official, inspects construction for building code compliance; investigates building code violations and performs works related to code enforcement; reviews building plans and specifications; answers questions related to building code compliance; and performs other work as assigned.


Building Inspector I is the entry class and is used for incumbents who do not possess any certificates issued by the International Conference of Building Officials or have not had sufficient experience to perform building inspections independently.

Building Inspector II is the first working level class and is used for incumbents with at least two ICBO certifications and who are independently performing building inspections.

Building Inspector III is the fully qualified journey level class and is used for incumbents with a minimum of three ICBO certifications who are independently performing the full range of building inspections and plan check duties.

Progression to higher levels of this series is based upon certification by the Building Official and confirmation by the County Administrator that the employee meets the qualifications for the next level and is assigned duties requiring use of the qualifications. Employees hired at Level I are expected to qualify for Level II within 18 to 24 months.

Examples of Duties

The duties listed below are examples of the work typically performed by employees in this class. An employee may not be assigned all duties listed and may be assigned duties which are not listed below. Marginal duties (shown in italics) are those which are least likely to be essential functions for any single position in this class. * Performs inspections for compliance with applicable codes and regulations for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings during various stages of construction, alteration, demolition and repair; existing buildings for change of use or occupancy; and manufactured housing, mobile homes and recreational vehicles. Inspects construction elements such as foundations, concrete, steel, masonry, wood construction, framing, plastering, plumbing, mechanical, heating and electrical installations and a variety of other complex and routine building system elements.

  • Identifies building code noncompliance and issues correction notices; confers with Building Official if corrections are not made; may assist in preparation of evidence and reports; may be required to appear in court as an expert witness.
  • Reviews and approves building plans, specifications, applications, and documentation for compliance with applicable codes, setbacks and regulations; calculates building permit fees.
  • Issues certificates of occupancy after conducting a final inspection of completed work and giving approval to structures and installations.
  • Investigates complaints received from the public and from other public agencies regarding violations of applicable codes and regulations.
  • Prepares and keeps records and files related to the building inspection process, violations, notices, investigations and other related data.
  • Assists builders and general public in understanding building rules, regulations, and procedures.
  • Performs works related to code enforcement and may act as a code enforcement officer in accordance with Humboldt County Code.

Typical Qualifications

Knowledge and Ability:

Knowledge of building construction techniques and procedures; Uniform Building Codes; County ordinances and regulations relating to building construction.

Ability to work independently in the field; to interpret and apply applicable federal, state and local codes, ordinances and regulations; to perform basic building inspections; read and interpret building plans and specifications; secure compliance with building codes; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.

Experience and Training:

Any combination of training, education and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities. A typical way to gain the required knowledge and ability is:

Building Inspector I: Substantial experience in at least one of the building trades or completion of an Associate of Arts degree in Construction Technology.

Building Inspector II: At least two certificates issued by the ICBO plus a minimum of 18 months experience in performing building inspections.

Building Inspector III: At least three certificates issued by the ICBO plus three years experience in performing building inspections and checking building plans.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Humboldt County, Nevada is an equal opportunity employer and provider in the services it offers.

Expected salary: $45385.6 – 78977.6 per year

Location: Winnemucca, NV

Job date: Tue, 05 Jul 2022 00:13:58 GMT

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