Job Vacancy Building Specialist & Plans Examiner City of Washougal

Job title: Building Specialist & Plans Examiner

Company: City of Washougal

Job description: General Position Summary

General Position Summary: Examines building plans and makes construction site inspections to assure that plans, construction, and materials conform to local zoning, building, mechanical, and plumbing codes. Inspects predominantly residential construction, but may also inspect commercial and industrial structures. Notifies permit applicants of corrections required and follows through to compliance. Provides information and consultation to applicants and contractors regarding building codes and ordinances.

Classification Distinctions

Building Inspector

The Building Inspector performs construction inspections for buildings and complex plumbing mechanical systems. An employee hired as a Building Inspector is expected to progress to the Building Inspector Specialist within 2-4 years of full time experience.

Building Specialist/Plans Examiner

Building Specialist is the journey-level position in the Building Inspector series. The Building Specialist performs the full work of the classification, including performing complex inspections for buildings, plumbing, and mechanical facilities. This position is considered “master level”, and has a full range of knowledge in all phases of construction. Achieving this level generally requires more than 4 years as a Building Inspector.

Essential Functions

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities:

Building Inspector

  • Check plans for construction or alteration to ensure that type of building, dimensions, and setbacks are in compliance with zoning code
  • Check construction features to assure proper foundation and support, use of acceptable materials, compliance with minimum fire, mechanical, plumbing, and gas standards
  • Advise builders regarding problems of drainage and similar design items
  • Conduct on-site inspections during construction; verify residence location on lot, dimensional and structural conformity to approved plans, proper installation of plumbing and heating equipment, and use of approved building materials of proper size and quality for that application and for compliance with the International Building Code and International Residential Code
  • Inspect water cross-connection devices for correct installation , energy code, barrier free design, zoning and related items
  • Authorize, with approval of the Building Official, minor as-built variations from plans when safety, durability, and function are not impaired
  • Notify builders and installers of code violations and stipulate corrections required
  • Subsequent to consultation and concurrence with the Building Official, write and post orders to stop work completely as code violations necessitate
  • Notify supervisors of builders’ failure to correct violations as notified
  • Investigate complaints as directed pertaining to all construction codes in residential and commercial buildings; determine cause and corrective action needed; notify appropriate parties of remedial action necessary through correction process established
  • Advise supervisors when code violations are not corrected
  • Investigate complaints pertaining to construction within the city accurately relay requirements and effectively advise owners of building code and zoning ordinances and stipulate corrections required
  • Consistently demonstrate accurate informational exchange with the public concerning code requirements and policies and construction practices and assistance to the construction community as it relates to construction, code requirements of design submitted,
  • Interact with builders, installers staff, and/or interested parties in a positive and professional manner
  • Observe tests of all plumbing and sewage disposal systems, repairs, alterations, renovations and installations
  • Inspect commercial buildings for either plumbing or building code compliance
  • May be assigned to perform mechanical inspections to verify compliance with construction related codes
  • Provide plumbing and building code interpretations as needed

Building Specialist/Plans Examiner

The Building Specialist performs the following duties in addition to those duties performed by the Building Inspector:

  • Performs all types of residential and commercial plumbing inspections and observe tests of all plumbing and sewage disposal systems, repairs, alterations, renovations, and installations
  • Perform inspections and observe tests on residential and commercial mechanical installations
  • Provide plumbing, mechanical, and building code interpretations as needed
  • Responsible for plans examination and review

Secondary Functions:

Greet and assist counter customers as needed

  • Post development notices at future building sites
  • Assist in census
  • Other duties as required

Job Scope: These positions involve a wide diversity of work situations, as codes are continually changing and work sites are diverse. Incumbents work under the guidance and direction of the Building Official, and report to the Community Development Director. The Building Inspector positions operate from specific and definite directions and instructions regarding upholding set codes and ordinances, but may determine some practices and procedures in certain areas. The incumbents may contribute to the development of new concepts regarding the position. A high degree of complexity is involved in researching, understanding, interpreting, and applying numerous codes and ordinances, and in using complex mathematical calculations. The incumbents will perform duties independently, with minimal supervision (with increasing independence with progression through each level of the series). Work is verified by other inspectors, and follow up inspections may be performed by the Building Official as needed. Errors in work may result in misrepresentation of codes and ordinances, causing miscommunication between the city and the public. An error in work may result in problems involving the finances, health, safety, and welfare of the parties involved. Supervisory Responsibility: Building Inspector and Building Specialist are not supervisory positions. Interpersonal Contacts: All Building Inspector positions involve frequent communication with others both inside and outside the City. Contacts within the city are made most frequently with the Community Development Department staff, and occasionally with other departments. Contacts outside the city are made frequently with the public, builders, contractors, and homeowners. Contacts are usually made on the incumbents’ own initiative or as a result of inquiry. These contacts are seldom about confidential or sensitive matters. These contacts occur most frequently face to face, and also by phone and email.

Job Conditions: The normal working hours for the Building Inspector positions are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. A large majority of the incumbents’ time is spent inside the office, with some at work sites or traveling to work sites. Inspection site environments are subject to various conditions, and the incumbent may be exposed to dust, noise, confined spaces, high or precarious places, working near moving vehicles and mechanical parts, and other hazardous or unpleasant environmental factors. Extensive local travel is involved. The jobs include eight or more hours per week being devoted to clerical work maintaining inspection files. The incumbents will often have to deal with the public, including upset customers and sometimes frustrating situations, and will be required to assist builders, contractors, and homeowners in finding effective solutions to problems found in inspections. The Building Inspectors use several city resources, including vehicles, camera, computer, cell phone, P.D.A., tools and inspection materials, and is responsible for these while under his/her control.

Specific Job Skills

Specific Job Skills:

Job Specific Skills and Knowledge:

· Ability to read and interpret building plans and specifications

· Ability to identify deficiencies resulting from faulty design or construction

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to explain code and remedial work as required

· Ability to enforce codes and ordinances firmly, tactfully, and impartially

· Ability to maintain harmonious relationships with customers and diffuse difficult or highly charged situations

· Ability to keep accurate records of calls and findings

· Ability to operate city vehicles safely

Building Inspector

· Knowledge of local, building, heating and plumbing, gas and zoning codes related to residences and commercial structures

· Knowledge of the principles, procedures, and practices of construction, building materials, and quality standards

· Knowledge of the varying capacities of supports and crossmembers

· Ability to read and interpret residential building plans and specifications

· Knowledge of all phases of either plumbing or building inspection for commercial structures

· Knowledge of International Building Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, and local zoning ordinances

· Ability to inspect all states of building and plumbing inspection for standard residential structures

· Ability to effectively interpret residential and commercial building plans and specifications

Building Specialist/Plans Examiner

· Knowledge of all phases of residential and commercial plumbing, building, and mechanical inspection for commercial and residential structures

· Knowledge of International Building, Plumbing, and Mechanical Codes, state regulations and local zoning ordinances

· Ability to conduct proficiently all states of plumbing, building and mechanical inspection for commercial and residential structures

· Ability to interpret residential and commercial building plans and specifications

Mental Activities:

· Interpersonal, teamwork, and customer service skills

· Negotiation and decision making skills

· Creative and problem analysis skills

· Ability to speak, understand, read, and write English

· Ability to perform advanced math (analysis, statistics, significant data or number manipulation)

· Ability to exercise independent judgment and/or independent action

Physical Activities:

· Frequent standing, reaching, talking, hearing, walking and stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, handling, and fingering or feeling objects, tools, or controls

· Regular lifting of at least 25 pounds

· Ability to lift, push, and/or pull up to 100 pounds

· Ability to use both close and distance vision, peripheral vision, and depth perception

Education and Experience

Education and/or Experience:

Building Inspector

· High school education or equivalent

· Two years journey-level experience in building trades, or

-Completion of a recognized four-year building trades apprenticeship program, or

-Certification as either a residential building inspector and residential plumbing or mechanical inspector through ICBO, ICC, UPC or other approved organization at time of hire

· Must possess or have ability to obtain a valid driver’s license at time of hire

· Certification for both Commercial Building inspector and commercial plumbing inspector through ICBO, ICC, UPC or other approved organization upon hire or promotion to the position

Building Specialist/Plans Examiner

In addition to the qualifications of the Building Inspector the Building Specialist must possess:

· Certification for commercial building inspector, commercial plumbing inspector, commercial mechanical inspector and plans examiner through ICBO, ICC, UPC or other approved organization upon hire or promotion to the position.

Expected salary: $5636.6 – 7422.33 per month

Location: Washougal, WA

Job date: Sun, 03 Jul 2022 06:47:12 GMT

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