Job Vacancy Buildings Custodial Crew (Hablamos Espanol) Santa Cruz Seaside Company

Job title: Buildings Custodial Crew (Hablamos Espanol)

Company: Santa Cruz Seaside Company

Job description: JOB SUMMARY: Under supervision, responsible for office/break areas clean up; including carpets, windows, walls, restrooms, arcades and inside trash removal. UNIQUE JOB REQUIREMENTS: Wears Company issued uniforms. Works inside and outside during shifts starting as early as 12:00 a.m. with varying weather conditions. Must be available 7 days a week. May work around dust and chemical fumes. May be required to wear hardhats, gloves, boots, belts, dust masks, goggles, and ear plugs as work conditions vary. JOB TASKS (IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE): – Empty trash containers into dumpsters. – Clean and sanitize restrooms from ceiling to floor. – Vacuum, shampoo and spot clean carpeted areas. – Dust and polishes office and indoor ride areas, restrooms and break areas from ground to ceiling level. – Follow verbal and written directions to perform specific duties. – Sweep, dust, mop, polish, scrub, strips, wax and buff floors. – Operate hand/push carts. – May operate company vehicles on and off site and operate other support equipment including motorized carts, company trucks and other heavy equipment. – Performs a wide variety of manual labor tasks such as moving furniture and equipment; cleaning construction sites etc. – Document work completed. – Pick up, store and deliver recycled paper and cardboard to recycle center. – Wash windows. – May provide vacation relief in other job class, be on call or do other related work as assigned. – Other duties as assigned. RELATIONSHIPS INTERNAL: All levels of Santa Cruz Seaside Company Employees. RELATIONSHIPS EXTERNAL: Minimum guest contact. TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: Prior custodial or manual labor experience desirable, which includes some experience cleaning buildings and equipment. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: – Ability to follow safety practices and proper lifting techniques. – Ability to learn to operate a variety of support equipment, including motorized carts and other heavy equipment. – Ability to follow verbal and written directions. – Ability to learn and apply the methods of cleaning and caring for building maintenance and equipment. – Ability to open and lock doors and windows as well as turning lights on and off. – Ability to report unusual conditions/circumstances, work required or suspected vandalism to supervisor. – Ability to document work completed in a timely fashion. – Ability to work cooperatively as part of a team. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: – Must be able to stand and walk for 7 and one half hours. – Able to lift up to 50 pounds. – Able to carry 25-50 pounds. – Able to walk 2 miles per day minimum. – Able to carry 5 gallon bucket which may exceed 15 pounds when filled. – Bi-manual dexterity. LICENSES AND INSURANCE: FTR – Requires a valid U.S.Drivers License at time of hire depending on assignment. TESTING: Seasonal – criminal background check and back exam FTR – criminal background, back exam, drug test, proof of valid license / DMV printout (this should be sent to hiring manager at 2nd interview) REPORTS TO: Buildings Lead or Buildings and Grounds Janitorial Manager SUPERVISES DIRECTLY: NA SUPERVISES THROUGH SUBORDINATES: NA APPROVED: 1/4/1991 REVISED: 1/6/2016 REVIEWED: 1/6/2016

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Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Job date: Fri, 01 Jul 2022 22:44:32 GMT

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