Job Vacancy Family – Immigration Law – Intake Legal Sales Specialist Atlanta Family & Immigration Law Firm

Job title: Family – Immigration Law – Intake Legal Sales Specialist

Company: Atlanta Family & Immigration Law Firm

Job description: APPLICATIONS THAT DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS DESCRIPTION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Amazing Sales Person Wanted • An average salesperson will make $40,000 to $60,000 per year • A good salesperson will make $50,000 to $60,000 per year • A great salesperson will make $60,000 to $75,000 per year • An awesome salesperson will make $90,000+ their first year and more than $90,000+ in subsequent years (based on our figures and expectations)If you have sold financial services, insurance services, luxury items, or legal services you may be a great fit for this job. If you are not a go-getter, if you cannot discuss big price points and complex problems with maturity and sensitivity, if you don’t have the stomach to do some prospecting and follow-up with prospects, please do not continue. If you are the “high pressure” sales type who thinks that sales are a macho game, please do not continue. If you do not wish to complete the written interview, please do not apply. If the above interests you please submit your resume and cover letter in PDF format. The cover letter should be 2 paragraphs. In the first paragraph please describe 1 life experience that you think would help you excel or relate to our clients in this position. The second paragraph should say what 3 characteristics someone in this position should have.SummaryFrom the first point of contact with AFIL to the signing of a legal services agreement, all telephone calls and email communications with PNCs should be handled by Sales and Client Relations (in consultation with Managing Attorney, as needed). Prior to formally engaging AFIL—either as a full-scope client or simply for a consultation—no PNC shall have a direct telephone or email access to an attorney. To be successful, Sales and Client Relations must be articulate, client-oriented, and responsive to client calls/emails. Additionally, Sales and Client Relations must understand (or learn) how to use LawMatica, Mycase, and workspace email software.Reporting RelationshipSales and Client Relations reports to the Office Manager and Managing Attorney with respect to all professional activities and all issues concerning his or her relationship with AFIL.AuthoritySales and Client Relations may assign work to a Legal Assistant or Receptionist with respect to scheduling PNCs for initial consultations and collecting information from PNCs for assessing whether a given case meets AFIL’s criteria for legal representation.Benefits: This position is only for awesome salespeople who can both sell legal services and cultivate new relationships to generate new leads. • Health insurance • Paid time off Benefit Conditions: • A waiting period may apply Schedule: • 8-hour shift • Monday to Friday 8:30-5:00 pm Supplemental Pay: • Commission pay COVID-19 considerations: • Masks are required at all times. Extra cleaning and sanitizing of workstations, and social distancing is being practiced. Work Remotely: • No? Could be remote Company’s website: Responsibilities: • Assess all new PNCs to AFIL, and determine based on objective and subjective criteria which of these AFILs should offer services. • To assume full responsibility for the new client onboarding process, from the first touch after the initial call, through sales conversations and follow-up, to all onboarding of new clients; • Act as the primary point of contact with PNCs up through the onboarding process. • To meet monthly quota in converting Potential New Clients to retained clients; • Answer any non-legal questions raised by PNCs regarding filling out LawMatics forms, sending documents to the firm, signing legal services agreements, or any other matter involving the PNCs’ pre-engagement relationship with AFIL. • Maintain accurate records in Lawmatics to track the number of PNCs who contact AFIL, the number who come in for initial consultations, and the number who engage AFIL To do so, you shall ensure the status of each PNC profile in Lexicata is accurate and up-to-date. As necessary, Assist Managing Attorney in establishing categories for each PNC from the first touch through the signing of a legal services agreement—editing and updating categories, as appropriate. • Ensure that all PNCs for whom we decline representation receive a “Rejection of Matter” email or, where no email was provided, a “Rejection of Matter” telephone call from the Receptionist. The Director of Client Services understands that it is the policy of AFIL not to respond to emails or calls from PNCs who we have referred out or declined representation with explanations as to why we are declining legal representation. • Follow firm prescribed guidelines on how to communicate with PNCs in the most effective manner; collect information about the PNCs and the matters for which they are seeking AFILs help; assure the PNCs that AFIL’s attorneys and staff will be able to help them; show compassion for their troubles, and explain how AFIL can improve their lives. • Stay in contact with PNCs who do not retain us after their initial consultation to keep the door open for them to retain us when they are ready. • To ensure active clients are hearing from the Atlanta Family and Immigration Law at least once per month and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Qualifications: • Education and BackgroundYou should have some experience in sales and/or direct client relations. Education and/or work experience equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree. Experience with the Windows Operating System, Office 2016, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Lexicata, Mycase, Nextiva VOIP, and/or Dropbox is preferred but not required.Experience: You must be confident, articulate, and comfortable representing AFIL while emailing and/or speaking with PNCs. Your role will include bringing PNCs to the point of onboarding them as new clients and following up with them within the first thirty days. You must be self-motivated and self-directed to achieve your professional goals and AFIL’s goals. • Bachelor’s (Preferred) • Microsoft Office: 1 year (Required) • Customer Service: 1 year (Required) • Sales: 1 year (Required) About Company: Atlanta Family & Immigration Law has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing law firms in the US for the past few years and we’ve done it by providing legal representation with compassion, gusto, and integrity. These are people who bring their “A-Game”, are enthusiastic and have a positive attitude, take initiative and responsibility, and are hungry to learn and grow. If you learn quickly and understand that working hard is important this job is for you. If you communicate well, have integrity, and really care about immigrants, this job is for you. If you are dynamic, adaptable, deliver results and produce above the minimum standards, this job is for you. If you work well under pressure and can juggle several projects at once, this job is for you.

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Location: East Point, GA

Job date: Wed, 15 Jun 2022 22:47:45 GMT

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