Job Vacancy Information Technology Management Support Specialist Credence Management Solutions

Job title: Information Technology Management Support Specialist

Company: Credence Management Solutions

Job description: Overview

Credence Management Solutions, LLC, is hiring an Information Technology Management Support Specialist who will be primarily responsible for supporting HQ AFMC at WPAFB, OH.


  • Assist the USG with management and oversight of all IT-related responsibilities within the directorate, including but not limited to: cybersecurity, and IT hardware and software to include those on as laptop computers, tablets, printers, voice over internet protocol telephones, Blackberries/iPhones, scanners, faxes, wireless, Portable Electronic Devices (PED), and other related hardware devices.
  • Provide electronic equipment and software configuration management support of Government-owned equipment used by individuals and in conference rooms to access both classified and unclassified networks.
  • Serve as the organizational Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) Equipment Custodian (ITEC) for HQ AFMC/A4 and adhere to processes and procedures pertaining to managing the computer equipment inventory.
  • Assist the USG with management of VTC equipment inventory.
  • Assist with development of rules of engagement for VTC scheduling.
  • Assist with development of a VTC users guide.
  • Develop and provide user training.
  • Provide day-to-day assistance with VTC equipment operation.
  • Install and configure software and hardware.
  • Troubleshoot and determine root cause of hardware and software failures.
  • Maintain IT equipment records and configuration.
  • Implement standard desktop configuration computer systems.
  • Configure and install computer peripherals.
  • Provide daily technical assistance to resolve problems reported by assigned personnel.
  • Provide technology refresh recommendations and provide cost estimates as needed.
  • Ensure hardware/software loads are standard and secure, and maintain records and configuration.
  • Ensure system backups are organized with an enterprise backup strategy.
  • Perform cybersecurity responsibilities IAW processes and procedures specified in AFI 17- 130, Air Force Cybersecurity Program Management, AFMAN 17-1303, Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program, and AFMAN 17-1301, Computer Security (COMPUSEC).
  • Follow Cybersecurity Liaison (CL) and COMPUSEC guidance provided by the Wing Cybersecurity Office (WCO) and SharePoint site.
  • Provide CL support, including but not limited to:
  • Development, implementation, oversight and maintenance of an organization Information Assurance (IA) program for both classified and unclassified users;
  • Implementing and enforcing AF cybersecurity policies and procedures using the WCO for guidance and escalation;
  • Ensuring effective procedures are in place to verify all users have the requisite security clearances, supervisory need-to-know authorization and are aware of their IA responsibilities (training) before being granted access to AF information systems;
  • Coordinating cybersecurity refresher training on an annual basis for all users; o Ensuring IT is operated, maintained and disposed of properly IAW AFMAN 17-1301;
  • Ensuring software and hardware acquisitions meet 88th Communications Squadron (88 CS) change management or system-level cybersecurity prerequisite approval before being connected to the network;
  • Reporting cybersecurity incidents, suspected malicious behavior or newfound vulnerabilities;
  • Implementing required cybersecurity countermeasures, including but not limited to Communications Security (COMSEC), COMPUSEC, and Emission Security (EMSEC);
  • Initiating requests for temporary and permanent exceptions, cybersecurity deviations, or waivers;
  • Requesting and managing network accounts and active directory issues; o Submitting requests for AF firewall and web access changes via the 88 CG Firewall Exception Request Tool (FERT);
  • Maintenance of SIPRNet account to coordinate organizational cybersecurity actions and other issues;
  • Informing organizational members of cyber threats, mitigation techniques and procedures;
  • Following all procedures and assigned orders during a classified messaging incident or incident IAW the WPAFB Incident Response Plan;
  • Implement the BSLM program as outlined IAW AFMAN 17-1203; including but not limited to assistance to the USG for:
  • Registration and documentation of all software licenses;
  • Conducting annual inventory with organizational commander/director certification (signature);
  • Ensuring unit software acquisitions guidelines are adhered to IAW AFMAN 17-1303.


  • Clearance: Secret or ability to obtain a Secret
  • Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience with cybersecurity, and electronic equipment and software configuration management of government-owned IT equipment
  • CompTIA Security + certification required
  • Experience with:
  • (1) DoD and USAF processes and procedures pertaining to managing the computer equipment inventory,
  • (2) DoD and USAF processes and procedures pertaining to cybersecurity requirements,
  • (3) base software license manager (BSLM) duties, all IAW policies stated above in Section 3.2.13.

Expected salary:

Location: Ohio

Job date: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 01:48:54 GMT

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