Job Vacancy Legal Inside Sales Representative Atlanta Family Law Group LLC

Job title: Legal Inside Sales Representative

Company: Atlanta Family Law Group LLC



Our fast-paced law Firm in Atlanta Georgia is seeking a highly professional Sales Associate. We help clients obtain a better life in matters of divorce and child custody.


Our Sales Associate will conduct initial consultations with prospective new clients (“PNCs”). These PNCs seek out our Firm and are pre-screened by a client intake person who collects basic information before the Sales Associate conducts the initial consultations. The Sales Associate is not required or expected to make cold calls.


Skills and experience are required, appreciated, and valued, but personality, character, intelligence, and integrity will be paramount considerations. High-maintenance, humorless, self-entitled, or self-important individuals will not succeed in this position and need not apply.

This position is a more than a job. For the right candidate, it’s a career. Salary is commensurate with skill and experience and is negotiable. A generous benefits package is offered. This is an opportunity that provides well into a six-figure earning capacity for the successful candidate.


Send a cover letter and resume to legaljobsatl at In your cover letter, please tell us why you’re the person we’re looking for. If you don’t follow the instructions correctly, you will not receive a response from our hiring team.

The salary for this position is base, plus monthly sales commissions. The salary range includes a low end of expected total compensation for this position.


Our Sales Associate will:

  • Collect more in-depth information about the PNCs and the matters for which they are seeking the Firm’s help.
  • Follow Firm prescribed guidelines on how to communicate with PNCs in the most effective manner.
  • Assure the PNCs that the Firm’s attorneys and staff will be able to help them.
  • Show compassion for their troubles ad excitement for their opportunities.
  • Help the PNC see the difference between working with the Firm and not working with the Firm.The selected candidate must be able to keep detailed records about the number of PNCs that contact the Firm, the number that come in for initial consultations, and the number that actually engage the Firm.The Sales Associate will also be responsible to stay in contact with PNCs that do not sign up after their initial consultation to keep the door open for them to hire the Firm when they are ready.Those PNCs who do hire the Firm will usually receive two follow-up calls from the Sales Associate, to check in on their satisfaction and progress with their legal matter. This is for quality assurance.SKILLS:

In accord with the ethical rules governing lawyers, the Sales Associate will not provide legal advice.

  • The Sales Associate must be confident, articulate, diplomatic, yet willing to speak frankly to the PNC when needed with high emotional intelligence.The Sales Associate must be able to bring PNCs to the point of signing an engagement letter with the Firm.
  • The Sales Associate must be self-motivating and self-directed to achieve their professional goals and the Firm’s goals.



  • The ideal candidate has sold high-end products like jewelry, cars, real estate, and luxury brand apparel or luxury fashion accessories.
  • The Sales Associate should have education and/or work experience the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Real life experience and a few “battle scars” to give you empathy and understanding is an asset. Experience overcoming a major obstacle in life and making an important change in your life so you know at your core that others can do it too, is a plus.

About Company:

At Atlanta Family Law Group LLC, we handle a wide range of family law matters. Our services are specifically tailored to address the individual needs of clients. Clients become family and they are not just another case to us. Our team genuinely cares about the impact that a family law matter has on clients and their families.

Expected salary:

Location: Atlanta, GA

Job date: Fri, 27 May 2022 22:21:56 GMT

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