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Job title: Logistics Manager

Company: Americas Remanufacturing Co

Job description: Position Summary

An ARC Logistics Manager ensures the proper control of product as it enters ARC facilities, moves throughout the different facilities, and ultimately is shipped out to our customers. This involves serialized product control, interfacing with advanced inventory control systems, managing multiple different programs with different contractual expectations, meeting rigorous deadlines, and troubleshooting errors. They will manage departments ranging from six to twenty employees and be accountable for the output and process control of their department. Adherence to safety standards, abidance by company policies and processes, and the ability to manage teams and communicate the status of the department effectively are at the core of this position.

Primary Responsibilities


  • Manages all inventory in all areas of responsibility. This includes bringing in new product from shipments; the receiving, movement, and storage of the product within the receiving department; and the movement out of the department into the other parts of the facility.
  • Manages all inbound shipment scheduling, tracking, and documentation. He/She is also responsible for the digital receipt of these shipments within contractual receiving deadlines. This may include creating and maintaining spreadsheets or using some other system of record to communicate the status of all inbound shipments.
  • Manages the contractual receipt agreements of multiple different customer accounts and is responsible for their accurate and consistent implementation. For this to be successful, the manager must be able to manage multiple different processes occurring at the same time.
  • Interfaces with a digital inventory system that tracks the location and movement of all product in the facility.
  • Uses modern mobile technology for the purposes of communication, scribed and visual documentation, and information transfer.
  • Oversees a number of receiving-related programs outside of general receiving responsibilities. This includes identification and sorting of product for different program disposition as well as managing the quarantine of items not within the contractual programs.
  • Directs and oversees the routing of shipments from the facility to our customers.
  • Responsible for creating and enforcing specific processes within the department. This includes being able to report on the productivity of the department as a whole and on the individual receiving level.
  • Interfaces professionally with customers and transportation companies. As part of this the manager provides receipt reporting in a professional way to customers.
  • Takes responsibility for the function and output of the department and ensures that the job gets done. This may on occasion include working outside of the regular scheduled hours to ensure the completion of deadlines.
  • Works closely with the Material Handling Manager to coordinate physical movement of product into and out of the facility, as well as relevant intra-facility movements, as well as mutually develop floorplans to accommodate facility / warehouse growth and changes.


  • Manages all company sales order fulfillment.
  • Schedules transportation, creates shipment paperwork, and oversees the shipping process.
  • Maintains the organization, prioritization, and completion of multiple different projects at the same time. Creating, communicating, and meeting reasonable deadlines is a large part of this function.

Employee Management

  • Monitor and improve productivity of 20+ employees in multiple areas to achieve efficiency goals.
  • Manage the placement and evaluation of new employees.
  • Ensure all hands operating as part of the Logistics department are trained, informed, and capable of executing their assigned processes.
  • Includes work instruction, standards, safety, tools, PPE, etc.
  • Mentor and develop Logistics leaders and subordinates to form a top tier team dedicated to achieving plant operational goals.
  • Constructively evaluate all Logistics staff in accordance with their evaluation schedule
  • Ensure the proper application and execution of disciplinary action as warranted.
  • Review and approve any and all disciplinary action within your area of responsibility.
  • Any action resulting in greater than 75 points must be reviewed and approved by your immediate supervisor.
  • Staffing
  • Assign personnel as needed to execute the operational plans as efficiently as possible.
  • Adjust personnel assignments to account for absences or product interruptions.
  • Recommend changes to staffing goals.

Secondary Responsibilities


  • Ensure that all equipment assets assigned to the department are properly maintained.
  • Track and keep records of the whereabouts of equipment and their assigned operator.

Station Prep/Organization

  • Organization is paramount in all areas of ARC. Maintain organized and clearly defined workspaces throughout your area of responsibility.
  • Ensure stations are prepared with the necessary tools, Instructions, Standards, and other items prior to them being needed.


  • Ensure that all work areas are clear of debris and hazards to movement.
  • Remove all trash and damaged pallets.
  • Ensure all lines are swept, all fans are powered off, all lights turned off, and the aisle is clear at the end of day.

Prerequisites and Qualifications

  • Associate degree (preferred)
  • Experience leading teams of at least 10 other individuals
  • Demonstrated ability to enforce company standards and policy
  • Advanced level familiarity with computer systems
  • Advanced level skills in Microsoft Office
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Ability to work extended shifts, weekends, and holidays
  • Ability to operate a forklift
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and leadership qualities
  • Ability to work with all levels of company staff
  • Comfortable providing direct written and verbal feedback
  • Ability to quickly adapt to changing organizational and operational needs
  • Ability to function in a high stress environment while focusing on exceeding operational goals
  • Strong organization and multi-tasking skills


Expected salary: $50000 per year

Location: Union Point, GA

Job date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 07:10:37 GMT

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