Job Vacancy Paralegal for Employment and Business Immigration Law Stafi

Job title: Paralegal for Employment and Business Immigration Law

Company: Stafi

Job description: About the job

We are building up our paralegal team to work remotely in the US!

As a Paralegal, you will support Attorneys in law firms by gathering, organizing and preparing various documents and files for court cases. You may also regularly meet with attorneys, clients or other legal professionals to gather helpful details about upcoming court cases. You will prepare other legal documents, like wills, contracts, briefs, appeals and pleadings.

You will perform investigations to fact-check information for different cases by searching through public records and other resources provided by clients. Paralegals are also in charge of coordinating deliveries of subpoenas and other important legal documents and forms.

We are looking for paralegals with experience in:

Business Immigration law:

  • E2
  • H1B
  • L1


Paralegal skills and qualifications

A great paralegal must have excellent understanding of legal procedures and terminology. You should have good communication skills and be well-versed in documentation and reporting. Since a Paralegal’s area of operation is quite broad and can consist of many different areas, you should have some experience related to different industries. Additionally, experience in office administration is highly helpful for Paralegal positions.

Other skills and qualifications are:

  • Bachelor degree in law
  • A minimum experience of one year in a paralegal role
  • Investigative mind and strong research skills
  • Working knowledge legal database software
  • Knowledge and experience in US forms related to your industry
  • Experience in preparing legal reports
  • Experience in drafting motions and briefs
  • Excellent communication and time management skills

Expected salary: $12000 – 14400 per year

Location: USA

Job date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022 22:41:55 GMT

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